Serious trainings that do not exclude the good mood, ...

A wide range of international personalization training courses in private tuition with one and only objective: your success.
From discovery to scuba diving, in intensive or diluted programs over the duration of your vacations or weekends, the choice is yours.

So that the dives always remain a pleasure, they include a technical part but also an exploration part necessary to the familiarization of the diver in the environment.

You can also improve your skills with more specific training such as Nitrox, Rifap, wetsuit for example in individual coaching, in family or small group for an optimal progression. Possibility of e-learning courses.

All our courses can be offered during the day with meals on board or in half-board accommodation at lunchtime in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere where everyone can progress at his own pace and without constraints.

A medical certificate of no contraindication to scuba diving is mandatory for all our courses.

FFESSM training coursesffessm

Recognized by the CMAS, the French reference, we offer all the training courses for supervised or autonomous divers from 0 to 60 meters. Our prices include technical dives, theoretical courses without license and certification card.

You will dive to the limit depth of your prerogatives in a pulley dive. Accompanied by a guide, he will make you discover all the subtleties of the dive sites while ensuring your safety.

Supervised Diver 12 m - PE 12

First steps in the diving world. Ideal for people who lack time but wish to start a diving course.
3 plongées, certification, matériel inclus : 250 € + certification card 18 €.

Supervised Diver 20m - PE 20(Level 1)

Learn how to equip yourself, check your equipment, use the different techniques of launching, immersion, communication, evolution in hoist and to return to the surface safely.
6 dives, theory lessons, equipment, logbook included : 470 € + certification card 18 €, license 50 €.
From PE12->PE20, 4 dives : 340 € + certification card 18 €, license 50 €.

Supervised Diver 40 m - PE 40

Dive deeper when the interest of the sites justifies it, without having the ambition to become autonomous.
You will learn to identify, then act in front of the narcosis, to ensure your decompression, make decompression stops and safety. Control your air consumption.
4 technical dives, theoretical courses : 340 € + certification card 18 €, license 50 €.

Supervised Diver 60 m - PE 60

Access the framed dive in the 40 to 60 meters zone. You will learn how to evolve safely and adapt your behavior to the specificities of deep diving.
4 technical dives, theory courses : 360 € + certification card 18 €, license 50 €.

Mandatorily major, you will dive within the limit of your prerogatives, with one or two other diver(s) of the same or higher level, without a dive frame.

Autonomous Diver 20 m - PA 20

First step towards autonomy in a team or on a hoist! You will learn in theory as well as in practice all the safety rules to be implemented between autonomous divers: planning and organization of your dive, prevention, assistance, detection and treatment of diving incidents, without forgetting the basics of underwater orientation.
6 technical dives, theory courses : 460 € + certification card 18 €, license 50 €.

Autonomous Diver 40 m - PA 40

You want to extend your scuba diving techniques in the 20 to 40 meters zone. You will learn the techniques related to autonomy in depth (planning your dive, decompression management, communication, intervention and assistance to your buddy,...).
6 technical dives, theory lessons : 440 € + certification card 18 €, license 50 €.

Level 2 (PA 20 & PE 40)

Level 2 combines PA20 which allows you to evolve from 0 to 20 meters in autonomy and PE40 where you will be supervised by a hoist guide up to 40 meters.
8 technical dives, theory courses : 610 € + certification card 18 €, license 50 €.

Level 3 (PA 60)

Last level of diver that allows you to evolve from 0 to 60 meters in autonomy. It is also the level that allows you, in the absence of a dive director, to organize your own diving in complete safety from 0 to 40 meters in autonomy.
10 technical dives, theory courses : 750 € + certification card 18 €, license 50 €.

From PE60->PA60, 5 dives : 400 € + certification card 18 €, license 50 €.

Your child dreams of adventure and their love of water is second nature. Diving will then hold many surprises, of course, discovering the animals that live there but also the mutual aid, the sense of responsibility and autonomy.
With equipment adapted to the morphology of the youngest, he will learn to respect safety rules, recognize the different species but also the importance of protecting the environment and respecting nature.


With no pre-requisite or age condition, the "Starfish 1 to 3" course is a specific underwater hiking program suitable for children under 8 years of age.

It offers a progressive framework for the acquisition of the basic elements of free diving. These little adventurers learn to master their efforts and gain self-confidence. Equipped with "Fins, Mask and Snorkel", they discover the underwater world by alternating surface and short snorkels because it is not necessary to go deep to observe the underwater life.

Young divers

Through simple theoretical explanations, adapted and playful activities, these explorers discover new sensations. They learn how to equip themselves, move and communicate underwater. In this new world, they develop their spirit of discovery and knowledge of the underwater environment.

BRONZE DIVER from 8 to 14 years old

This training allows you to familiarize yourself with the diving equipment, learn the basic gestures to communicate and move safely underwater from the surface to a maximum of 6 meters.

SILVER DIVER from 8 to 14 years old

This training allows you to be able to react to different situations from the surface to 6 meters maximum, to balance with the vest and to dive with other divers.

GOLD DIVER from 10 to 14 years old

This training, close to that of the 20-meter supervised diver, allows a sufficient mastery of diving to evolve in a group dive with the instructor and to progressively reach 20 meters depth (10 to 12 years from the surface to 12 meters, 12 to 14 years from the surface to 20 meters). To do so, he is able to take charge of his equipment and his evolution, while taking into account the limits due to his age, his morphology or his maturity.

Training course 3 dives for children * : 250 € + certification card 18 €, license 50 €.
Course 6 dives for children * : 430 €+ certification card 18 €, license 50 €.
*Theoretical courses, certification, equipment, logbook of dives


These qualifications promote the acquisition of mastery skills at sea. These skills are validated during three exploration dives.

Boat 2 "launches"

True right-hand man of the captain, this captain knows some marine terms and knows how to make a few sea knots. He also applies the safety instructions on the boat and takes into account the pilot's instructions. Accessible from the Bronze Diver.

Instructor's assistanr

Autonomous, this young diver shows an aptitude to help others with less experience. He has a sense of respect and management of safety rules as well as a certain mastery of diving. This sense of responsibility allows him to promote mutual aid between other divers and group life on board the boat.

Accessible from the gold diver under the responsibility of an instructor. This qualification does not give any autonomy to the youngster in terms of teaching.

The practice of diving requires beforehand a medical examination of absence of contraindication. It can be done by any doctor. However, we advise you to consult a specialized doctor (hyperbaric doctor, diving doctor or federal FFESSM) considering the physiological particularities of children. An audio-tympanometry may be necessary.
FFESSM children's license (except for the first star).
From 14 years old, the young diver enters the adult diving program. However, he can only be a scuba diver from 18 years old.

Diving is an outdoor recreational sport activity that dissolves differences

Tiki dive is committed to improving its accessibility as a sport for all, together. We are at your disposal to study the solution best adapted to your handicap for your training from PESH 6 to PESH 40 or your stay

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SSI trainings  SSI - Scuba Schools International - - Register Now

With SSI's e-learning training materials, from beginner to advanced level, including many specialty qualifications, you can progress at your own pace and according to your needs.

Basic diver

2 technical dives, e-learning theory courses : 170 € + 12 €pedagogical kit and SSI certification. Your first diving courses with free access to e-learning courses. A first dive to learn basic and safety gestures and a second dive for underwater exploration among the fish !
This experience validates the first session of your Open Water Diver course (First Level Diver).

Scuba diver

You want to start a course but you don't have enough time to complete the Open Water program. This is a flexible and fast training of 3 dives for access to the depth of 12 m accompanied by an instructor. This training is an intermediate step of the Open Water Diver course and validates the first modules.
3 technical dives, theoretical courses in e-learning : 250 € + 92 € pedagogical kit and SSI certification.

Open Water Diver

If you want to dive anywhere, with whomever you want, the Open Water Diver program is the international program that will allow you to be part of an exclusive group of underwater explorers that most people dream of joining.
This internationally recognized certification program is the best way to start a long life of diving adventures. Customized training is combined with practical in-water sessions to acquire the skills and experience needed to be truly confident underwater underwater supervised up to 18 meters and in autonomy.
7 technical dives, theoretical courses in e-learning : 470 € + 117 € pedagogical kit and SSI certification.
From Scuba Diver, OWDJ, Referral or Indoor to Open Water Diver : 4 dives, theory lessons in e-learning : 320 € + 42 € pedagogical kit and SSI certification.

SSI Specialties

SSI's advanced training programs are a great way to expand your knowledge, improve your skills, and learn new techniques.
Tiki dive offers you a multitude of Specialties to prepare you for your next diving adventure! By accumulating your exploration and Specialty experiences, you will automatically receive the following free digital recognition cards.

2 technical dives, e-learning theory courses : 160 € + 42 € pedagogical and SSI certification kit per specialty.

  • Computer diving

2 dives, e-learning theory courses : 160 € + 74 € pedagogical and SSI certification kit per specialty.

  • Marine Ecology
  • Fish Identification

2 technical dives, e-learning theory courses : 160 € + 89 € pedagogical and SSI certification kit per specialty.

  • Orientation
  • Perfect Buoyancy
  • Night
  • Wreck
  • Dry Suit
  • Boat Diving

2 technical dives, gaz, e-learning theory courses : 220 € + 89 € pedagogical kit and SSI certification.

  • Nitrox

4 technical dives, gaz, theoretical courses in e-learning: 400 € + 89 € pedagogical kit and SSI certification.

  • Nitrox enrichi / Extended Range

4 technical dives, theoretical courses in e-learning: 320 € + 89 € pedagogical kit and SSI certification.

  • Profonde/ Deep

Rescue / Stress and Rescue 390 € + 114 € educational kit and SSI certification.
Science of diving 5 theoretical courses 300 € + 89 € pedagogical kit and SSI certification.

Advanced Adventurer

Test the Specialty programs that interest you with SSI's Advanced Adventurer if you're unsure about your next training choice. It allows you to experience, in the wild, five dive topics from five different SSI Specialty programs, without having to complete the entire Specialty program. It's the ideal way to diversify your experience and advance your diving skills.
Dives completed during the Advanced Adventurer program can be used as training credit for the first training dive of the respective Specialty programs.
5 technical dives, e-learning theory courses : 400 € + 89 € SSI certification and training kit.

Specialty Diver

You must have validated 2 Specialty programs and have at least 12 logged dives. You become a scuba diver in the 18 meter zone.
Kit discount 10% 162 € 2 pedagogicals kits

Advanced Open Water Diver

You must have completed 4 Specialty programs and have at least 24 logged dives including deep. You become an experienced scuba diver up to 30m.
Kit discount 15% 307 € 4 pedagogicals kits

Master Diver

You must have validated 5 Specialty programs including the Diver Stress and Rescue program, and have validated 50 dives. You become a very experienced diver in the 40m zone. This is one of the most prestigious awards in diving today.
Kit discount 20% 382 € 4 pedagogicals kits & Diver Stress & Rescue kit 

Dive guide

This program provides the skills and experience necessary to safely guide groups of certified divers. It is the first step towards an exciting career as an SSI Dive Professional without having to follow a full Instructor program. Professional Dive Guides can work for SSI Dive Centers, guiding dives in a variety of environments and conditions.

Boat licence traininglogoletiki

Coastal boat license 455 €

Partnership offer TIKI's discount and code in e-learning offered 405 € / 425 € (july – August).

Recycler TrainingNTR dive

With our partner NTR DIVE discover the world without bubbles.

Baptism Recycler : 150 €
Live a stunning experience, no bubbles! No noise! Neutral buoyancy!
A humid and warm gas for unequalled breathing comfort.

Recycling initiation : 190 €
First dive of the rebreather course, this initiation allows you to discover the rebreather world before investing yourself in a complete training. During this 45 minutes to 1 hour dive, you will become familiar with the equipment and the different procedures.

Tek Diving Specialist: Authorized dealer and technician of the biggest brands of Tek, Trimix and rebreather equipment.