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The pleasure of diving

Exploring the underwater world at our side means having the choice of schedule and enjoying the most beautiful dive sites in the Mediterranean at the pace of the sweetness of your day. The sites are proposed according to the weather conditions, your desires and your level at the time you wish.

Around a nice table, the opportunity is too good to reconcile pleasure of the eyes and pleasure of the palate and thus prolong your dive. A quality meal is served to you while discovering the richness that surrounds you.

1/2 day Scuba Diving at the unit

1 dive, snorkeling, relaxation on the boat : 50 €

Package 5 Scuba Dives*

5 x ½ day Scuba diving, snorkeling, snorkeling tour, relaxation on the boat : 225 €

Autonomous Diver Day Cavalaire Bay

2 wreck or rock/ boulder and lead dives included, meal on board with drink : 132 €

Autonomous Diver Day Port-Cros National Park - Porquerolles

Full day package Scuba Diver: 2 wreck or rock dives, relaxation on the boat, meal on board (drink included), snorkeling : 152 €

5 day package Autonomous Diver Cavalaire Bay*

10 dives / 5 meals on board with drinks : 594 €

The pleasure of diving

  • Framing / diving : 14 €
  • Framing day / 2 dives : 24 €
  • Technical course : 90 €
  • Adult License : 50 €
  • Kid License : 35 €
  • Equipment rental / diving :
    • 5 € per item
    • Diving pack, snorkeling / wetsuit / vest / regulator / computer diving : 15 €
    • Day diving pack (2 dives), snorkeling / wetsuit / vest / regulator/computer diving : 25 €
    • decoration tank (EAN: 50 and 100 %) : 25 €
    • 15 l tank (EAN: 30 %) : 15 €

*Our packages are to be consumed during the current season.

Embark on board and dive in an exceptional setting in the heart of the national park, jewel of the underwater life. The first marine park in Europe created in December 1963, it aims to protect and preserve remarkable natural areas and is composed of the islands of Port-Cros, its historic heart, Porquerolles and Bagaud, the islets of La Gabinière and Le Rascas.

The dives on La Gabinière from 0-50 m are some of the richest and most beautiful in the Mediterranean. Their fame goes far beyond our borders! We limit the number of people per dive to a maximum of 3 people outside the supervision and a maximum of 4 people on the site at the same time.

Our day packages

Snorkeling trip day in the national park

Relaxation on the boat, meal on board (drink included), palm tree trekking : 110 €

National Park Discovery Day

First dive in the protected natural reserve, meal on board (drink included), snorkeling, relaxation on the boat : 152 €

Autonomous Diver day in the national park

2 wreck or rock dives, snorkeling, relaxation on the boat, meal on board (drink included) : 152 €

he bay of Cavalaire is known to be a diving area full of 1000 treasures. The wrecks of ships with evocative names (Ramon, Ruby, Espingole, ...) but also the splendid rocks, falling and dry are not to be missed. The choice of sites is varied and the fauna is always very present.

Calanque Cron

From the surface to about ten meters, the bottom is covered with small more or less covered boulders, in the middle of which blennies and gobies, wrasses twirl. Some mother-of-pearl hidden in the posidonia! It is also the occasion to make beautiful underwater encounters with small soles on a sandbank.

Calanque Andati

We will first discover beautiful faults sinking little by little into the posidonia. A little further on, inside a cavity sponges, cnidarians, and many living beings cover the walls! !

Le cap Lardier

Rocky, high and steep advance into the sea up to about twenty meters. It offers a wild scenery of great beauty. The sites of the shark's tooth and the small dry river abound all year round with many fishes. You can find nudibranchs, peacock wrasse, moray eels and many others.

Cape Taillat

Is part of the classification known as the three capes of the Saint-Tropez peninsula. This large elongated islet is connected to the high relief of the shoreline by a low and narrow strip of land. At the foot of the cape, the "Brisées" are a multitude of rocks between 15 and 40 m, we regularly come across barracudas, groupers and the omnipresent lobsters.

The Quairolles rocks :

Three rocky formations whose drop offs are covered with magnificent gorgonians between 15 and 45 meters.

Le dattier :

Vast rocky plateau extended between 5 and 18 meters, we will find in the faults octopus and moray eels.

The Tombant du Bailly  :

A 200m long strip, the fauna is rich and varied despite a fall reduced to the sand. There are rare species such as the diademed sea urchin.

Rubis :

A mythical wreck renowned in the Mediterranean, this mine laying submarine was disarmed in 1949 then voluntarily sunk in 42 meters of water on January 31st, 1958 to avoid a Compagnon de la Libération being delivered to the scrap merchants' flashlights.


Espingole :

This destroyer struck the Taillat dry and ran aground. Today, she rests on a sandy bottom at a depth of 39 meters.

Le Prophète :

She was one of the first mixed propulsion steamships, sunk in 1860 by a very strong mistral, she lies on a sandy bottom at 34 meters.

Ramon membru :

Little is known about this shipwreck... The causes and the exact date of the shipwreck are uncertain. Contraband or simple damage? The ship would have sunk following an explosion in 1921. Later, German divers would dismantle the large freighter during the Second World War. It is laid on its starboard side and lies on a muddy bottom of sand at a depth of 22 meters.

Togo :

Modern ship with a steel hull equipped with five watertight bulkheads. Her design will not prevent her from sinking when she hits a 150 kg mine left by the submarine UC 35 (coastal minelayer) in 1918. She sank on a bottom of 47 to 60 meters with her cargo of coal in bulk.

Hellcat F-6F

A fearsome fighter plane is the aircraft wreckage par excellence. French Navy archives record a forced landing in 1956 following an engine failure. But when the wreck is found in 1999, the pilot tells the real reason of his sinking, ...
The wreck is located at a depth of 57 meters.

Willcat F-4F

American hunter rests on the sand at a depth of 53 m. Two theses are opposed as for its presence at the bottom :

The 1st: embarked on the aircraft carrier Hermes. It would have been thrown into the sea because the damage it had suffered would not have allowed it to be repaired. (Method was used at that time).

allowed it to be repaired. (Method was used at that time).
The 2nd: simply a crash or a forced landing.

Discover the true story aboard Tiki Dive,...

Spahis :

In the middle of the night of October 1887, blinded by a storm, she collided with the island of Fourmigue. This 52.8 meter long steamboat slowly sank by the bow. Today, it lies in 25 meters of water.

Donator or Prosper Schiaffino

It is one of the most famous wrecks for diving in the Mediterranean. Cargo ship sunk by a mine in 1945, it is located between the islands of Ports-Cros and Porquerolles. The stern is located at 51 m while the bow is at 48 m.

Le Sagona

Said the Greek, is a reference for wrecks in the Mediterranean. Cargo sunk by a mine in 1945 on the port side. It sank immediately, leaving two dead and one missing. The dive on the wreck takes place between 35 m and 47 m.

nd many other wrecks are waiting for you, ...